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Pure Life Paddle Boards, and the lifestyle we promote, is strongly inspired by the PURA VIDA spirit of Costa Rica. 

Although “Pure Life” is the direct translation, the true meaning of “pura vida” goes much deeper. This phrase embodies a way of living where family and community are the priority; where successes are celebrated, no matter how large or small; and where enjoying life at a leisurely pace, yet to its fullest, is the norm.

We, at Pure Life Paddle Boards, want to help you discover this pura vida spirit. With lives becoming more fast paced and it becoming increasingly difficult to disconnect ourselves from work, stand-up paddle boarding is the answer. As one of the fastest growing sports in the world, paddle boarding allows for you to step onto the water and reconnect with family, friends and the environment itself.


Our world provides an incredible diversity of outdoor and paddling opportunities for us to experience, and there is no place where this rings truer than right here in British Columbia.

The lifestyle that Pure Life Paddle Boards promotes is dependent on having healthy, intact ecosystems which is why we want to lead by example in protecting these areas, promoting awareness and providing support for local environmental causes and initiatives.

We are incredibly proud to have partnered with the Standup4GreatBear Society which is dedicated to protecting the Great Bear Rainforest and the Great Bear Sea. This region is one of the most unique marine and terrestrial ecosystems in the world and is currently under threat.

For more information on the Standup4GreatBear Society, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

At Pure Life Paddle Boards, we are committed to:

- Incorporating environmental stewardship and awareness into all programs and courses offered.

-Donating $10 from every board sale to the Stadup4GreatBear Society and it’s initiatives.

-Continuing to sponsor the cleanup activities of our local waterways and shorelines.