What we offer

Pure Life Paddle Boards prides itself on being able to offer a wide range of courses, clinics and programs to meet the needs and wants of all paddle boarders. It's a lifestyle we have been stoked on sharing since 2012 so check out our complete range of services and get out on the water with us:

SUP 1-2-3!
SUP 1-2-3 is our full lesson suite teaches you everything you need to know about safety, paddling technique, and equipment from the basic through advanced levels. Want to try out paddle boarding and learn about safety and basic paddling skills? Register for one of our SUP1 courses. Want to learn how to get the most out of your board and learn to paddle more efficiently? Check out our SUP2 (SUP Fit) course. 

SUP1 - Intro to SUP: This Basic SUP Skills course is designed to teach beginner and novice paddlers the basics of stand-up paddling. Participants will take part in both on-water and land based components, covering topics from equipment and safety to proper paddling techniques.
2 hours, running weekly from June through September - $75+GST

SUP 2 - SUP Fit: SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world. People of all walks of life are taking to the water to improve their health and fitness (both mental and physical!), while making themselves more familiar with their local waterways. This course teaches you how to get the most out of your paddling by focusing on your paddling speed and efficiency so you can paddle farther, longer and explore more! 
2 hours, running bi-weekly from June through September - $75+GST

SUP 3 - Advanced SUP Skills: This course builds on the skills and knowledge gained through our SUP 1+2 courses. Participants will be introduced to paddling in more challenging conditions and to more advanced paddle boarding skills. This course gives participants the skills and knowledge to tackle all flat water paddling conditions and sets you up to take your paddling to the river or surf!
2 hours, running monthly from June through September - $75+GST

Commit to all three courses and save! Our SUP 1-2-3 package runs for $180+GST

Rippers 1-2-3!
This program is designed to get more of our young people on the water and enjoying our environment. The focus of the program will be on developing proper paddling skills and techniques, water safety skills, decision making, and environmental awareness. 

Rippers 1 - First program dates are Saturdays in June (5), from 9-9:45am; Second intake runs Sundays in July (4) from 9-9:45am - $___+GST

Rippers 2 - This series of lessons builds on what was learned in Rippers 1 and focuses on further developing paddling and safety skills.

First program dates are Sundays in July (4) from 10-11am; Second intake runs Sundays in August (4) from 10-11am - $___+GST

Rippers 3 - This series of lessons builds on what was learned in both Rippers 1 and 2 and continues to develop paddling skills. 

Program dates are Saturdays in August (5) from 9-10:15am - $___+GST

Commit to all three Rippers youth development levels and save! Our Rippers 1-2-3 package runs for $___+GST

River 1 SUP Skills Course – 6+ hours - $159
This Paddle Canada certified course introduces the novice to paddling a SUP on easy (Class 1) rivers and surfing standing waves. The emphasis is on mastering the fundamentals of river paddling, along with a strong grounding in water safety and safe paddle board practices. There will be both dryland and on-water components to the course and skills will include throw bagging, reading the river, eddy turns, edging, front ferry, foot positions, and surfing.
Paddle Canada Advanced Flatwater Skills course (or equivalent experience)
Must supply your own cold water gear (wetsuit or drysuit and footwear)
​Upcoming Dates: July 14, 2019 from 9am-3:30pm

Basic and/or Advanced Instructor Trainer Course – 2 days (16+ hours) - $399
This 2 day, Paddle Canada Certification course is designed to give you the tools and training required in order for you to safely and effectively lead your own introduction to SUP and/or Advanced Flatwater skills courses. These courses are usually offered in the fall and spring seasons, but can be booked any time by companies looking for staff training.
For a complete breakdown of the Paddle Canada program, including specific criteria to be met throughout this instructor course, click HERE
Upcoming Dates - May 18 and 19, 2019

Cultus Lake SUP Series – These social paddles are one of our favourite community building events! These social paddles run every Wednesday night from May through September. Paddlers of all crafts are welcome to come and share some time on the water with the group pushing off at 7pm sharp. Come meet your paddling community and share the stoke of life on the water!

Private/Group lessons/Corporate Team Building
An excellent option for so many people. Just send in a request with potential dates, group size and what you are hoping to get from the session and we will make it happen for you!

Rentals - $60/day; $150/long weekend; $300/week
We've got a number of different boards to suit the needs of every paddler in your family. Call or email to check availability. 

If you're traveling around North America, check out https://www.inflatableboarder.com/paddle-board-rentals/ for a complete guide to rental opportunities for your travels.